A Drop of Sun in the Grey

“Does the whole of Spain smell like pic-n-mix?”

Being it a particularly dreary Monday morning back at home for the Easter holidays I got to reminiscing about the trip I took to Barcelona last December, a spur of the moment voyage booked with roommates.

I must say, stepping off a plane into full sunshine and needing to put my sunglasses on was something of a culture shock after needing two jumpers and a coat just to leave the house back home. Repressing the British urge to remove all clothing and head straight to the beach, we instead took ourselves on a little tour.

La Sagrada Familia

Obviously one of the first places on the list to visit, the Sagrada Familia stands out from the surrounding buildings as one of the most inventive and inspired pieces of architecture I have ever seen. Minus the scaffolding of course.


The fact that this automatically corrected to capital letters says it all really. The markets had to be seen to be believed, warrens of miniature nativities and chic decorations. My favourites were the Tió de Nadal logs that according to Catalan tradition are nurtured up until Christmas Day  when they are beaten until they defecate. Go figure.

Barri Gòtic 

The thing I would recommend most about Barcelona is wandering around the Gothic Quarter. We came across some beautiful little Sunday markets and corner cafes that would be perfect in the summer.

La Rambla

Our other favourite for a wander was La Rambla, as it was so easy to leave the Main Street and get lost among the bars that really came alive at night. The beach was literally at the end of the road from here and sample the local delicacies (ie. Sangria)….lots and lots of local delicacies.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little list of what made Barcelona memorable for me. I only wish I could go back, maybe in the summer for the shopping (fingers crossed!)



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