19th March: Dobro!

Dobro = good in Croatian, about the only word we recognise!

I had one of the best sleeps of my entire life. Since we’d been up for about 36 hours straight we both decided to go to bed at around 9pm and didn’t wake until 9am-beautiful! We then caught a €1 train to Virpazar, a little town on Lake Skadar, and hiked through the mountains to our guesthouse in Godinje. 

5km with my pack on my back. That’s definitely a shock to the system after the last few months of binge watching Netflix and generally lying around. The guesthouse turned out to be the flat above this lovely Montenegrin elderly couple who don’t speak a word of ‘engleski’. We sat on their porch for a while, drinking local coffee and playing communication charades. The area was so peaceful we spent another two hours or so walking 10km around the area, finding a church dedicated to St Nicolas. It felt like a luxury, getting away from city life and getting to slow things down, just for a little while.

Our hosts lay out a veritable feast for us. We had already made it awkward for them, me being a vegetarian and my travel buddy being vegan. They seemed shocked at the notion of not eating fish (I’m told it’s a local delicacy)! Instead our new mother for the visit laid out a meal containing only leek, potato, cabbage and onion prepared in four different ways. There was soup, potato salad, some sort of finely chopped onion dish and a garlicky onion chutney thing. All very healthy and detoxing. 

Off now to an early night, Godinje’s nightlife leaves a lot to be desired!



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