20th March: From Virpazar with Love

Today was, how shall I describe it, interesting? Got in about 10 hours sleep  before a breakfast of dried cornflakes. We decided on a bit of reading on the balcony before a leisurely start to Virpazar but instead ran into our adoptive parents/hosts Paolo and Danica and sat for some local coffee. Danica cooks it on a little tranchia and serves it in large espresso mugs, even got a free fortune telling from the grains! Apparently I’m going to get married and my companion…well, let’s just say she received lots of mimed tears! We were also offered Rakija, the local brandy, which I accepted. Words can only describe it as a sweet fire that felt like it would, in time, melt my face off.

*note: Paolo’s name is actually spelt Pavle*

Our hosts rang a friend of theirs who organises the ‘Golden Frog boat tours’ from Virpazar and we managed to wrangle a 2 hour trip for €20 each for just us two and obviously the boat crew people. Cue more Rakija drinking and general chilly boating merriment. 

The scenery here is absolutely stunning. You feel like you’re constantly staring at a 360 degree postcard, except it’s freezing cold and I kept getting splatters of lake water on my glasses (yes ok I had to put the glasses on, it makes life look HD!). We spotted Night herons, Pigmy Cormorants and what I think was a Dalmatian Pelican, as well as the Albanian shore and a ton of mountains. Considering this trip was a spontaneous choice it has to be one of the best ideas we’ve had in a long time. And I’m sure anyone can vouch that our ideas are pretty spectacular.

Anyway, I’m feeling very full from another meal of ‘salata’ (another Croatian word I’ve picked up) and yet more Rakija so I’m off to pack and then bed.



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