22nd March: What happened to the Weather?

Relatively chilled morning start-11am check out from our suite and if Friends has taught me anything…. We managed to get a bus from Bar to Budva for a relatively good price, despite being one of the shoddiest buses I’ve ever travelled in- it felt like we were going to break down at every hill! En route we passed Sveti Stefan, an island that was recently taken over by a hotel company, which made the place exclusively open to guests.

Sveti Stefan from the bus


Somehow we managed to find our hostel, despite having absolutely no sense of direction and just bumbling around in a roughly right direction. Turns out the hostel is within the Stari Grad (old town) walls, in an area that was completely destroyed by the aforementioned 1979 earthquakes and rebuilt to become a tourist location. It’s a beautiful area.

The view from outside our room

We wandered around the old town for a while then dared to venture outside the city walls to find a supermarket, at the exact moment the heavens decided to open. After getting back and drying out we ended up sitting for several hours on the balcony of our hostel, drinking coffee, eating tomato pasta with olives and paprika that I prepared and reading through some old guide books.

Hostel balcony, with me drinking coffee in the corner

After a couple of hours chill/dry out time I managed to drag my non-drinking friend out on a cocktail hunt. Just around the corner we found a bar called Caspers, where the woman who runs the hostel we’re staying in works. It was around 3€ for a cocktail so I couldn’t resist…I ordered something called a Banana Breezer as well as the trusted Tequila Sunrise, whist the non-drinker sipped her coke. 

A coke and a Daiquiri

Unfortunately no mojitos, but the search continues. Anyway to bed, there’s been a promise of sunshine tomorrow!



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