23rd March: Drawn to the Sea

Today kick-started Day 2 in our visit to Budva. Relatively early start for a change so that we could get laundry done (shocking how much you can generate in 5 days of sweaty walking). We then spent a couple of hours soaking up the cloudy rays as we wandered through the tiny streets of the old town souvenir shopping, I even splashed out on a slice of pizza and this chocolatey snacky thing I have no idea of the name of, but it filled me right up.


We stumbled across a little museum in the citadel and had a nosy around, there was a couple of maritime exhibits but also an outlook where we could see most of Budva from. It was chilly, but nice to contemplate the waves-the water is so blue! Another thing that makes me want to visit in the summer, it looks perfect for a swim. 


I feel like we’ve pretty much seen all there is to see here now. The town is really more of a summer party town. Instead I’ve been enjoying a couple of free beers on the hostel balcony with the new additions to the hostel, a Guitar playing French guy and two Brits. We might head out later for a night stroll along the beach, but as yet unsure.



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