24th March: Above the Walls

Not up so bright and early this morning (are we ever?). We stayed up quite late with our other hostel companions playing cards and talking, so the day didn’t really get started for us until around 3pm. 


The three guys from the hostel were also planning on visiting Kotor so we all set out together to catch another local bus. The first thing that struck me was how blue the sea is here too. There’s mountains on all sides and then a bay with luxury yachts straight in front of you. It feels so odd! The hostel here is beautiful, another one in the old town region of the city. The building itself seems to be pretty old, with lots of thirteenth century features such as waterspouts and fonts. The rooms are pretty luxurious too, compared to some of the places we’ve stayed!

An extremely awkward photo of our new room and our temporary companions

Once we’d got settled the five of us decided to explore the old town before searching for food. There’s a lot more happening here than in Budva, even at 7pm when we were walking. Lots of random cats too. We climbed up onto the walls through someone’s garden and walked along, looking at the Marina. From where we were you could see the older city walls up in the mountains, which were lit up and looked stunning. Unfortunately I didn’t have my proper camera with me so couldn’t capture it. All the photographs I’ve been uploading to the blog over the last week have been taken using mine or my friend’s phone cameras as I can’t use the memory card from my camera until I have my laptop. So far they’ve been up to the job, some of the pictures aren’t the best I’ve ever taken but it gives a general idea.


Finally found a proper kitchen space here so I cooked dinner. I wanted to make sweet potato fries but the local supermarket didn’t have any sweet potatoes (but it’s a superfood!) so I just settled for normal potatoes and fried them in oil with paprika, onions and caraway seeds. We found some pineapple for dessert as we’ve both been craving fresh fruit that isn’t apples for what feels like ages!


The walking has started to catch up with me so I’m just resting the legs tonight in preparation for some mountain walking maybe tomorrow!



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