25th March: Wuthering Heights

“Oh wow blue sky!…oh no wait it’s just darker cloud.”

Leg day today! We climbed up the 1350 steps to the older city walls that look down on Kotor from the top of the mountain. It was a gorgeous view of the bay, you could see all the little red roofs of the city for miles. Unfortunately, literally as soon as we reached the top a rain shower set in and the visibility decreased, so we decided to head back down before we got trapped in the top. 



Earlier in the morning we stumbled across a museum and decided to go in. It turned out to be the maritime museum that was in the old palace of the city. Kotor has one of the oldest navies in the world, the Bokeljska Mornarica, and there’s been a settlement in the area for 2000 years. It was very interesting, there were exhibits on the families of famous naval officers and local customs. 

We found the artillery room….

Due to the general raininess of the day we decided to chill in a coffee bar called Ombra. It was nice to sit and hear the rain whilst reading and writing postcards. We passed a couple of hours there, drinking espressos and caffe lattes. After that it was back to the hostel to cook dinner. 


We went for a wander around the old town by night but got caught in a thunder storm, so decided to chill instead in the hostel with some of the other guests. There were other English girls from Durham, some Swiss road-trippers, a couple of Germans, a Japanese guy and an IT consultant from Cardiff. It was nice to chat to lots of different people, and I think I had a mutual friend with one of the girls. One of the hostel owners booked us a boat ride from Perast for tomorrow too, and it’s supposed to be 20 degrees Celsius so it should be a good day!




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