26th March: Bokor Kotorska

We found another boat! One of the guys working in the hostel sent us to Perast  in search of a man with a boat called Savo Jovanović who could take us across to see the two islands in the bay. 


The first one, Sveti Dorde (St George), used to be a graveyard and now is accessible only to priests. The second, which we visited, was called ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’ and is completely man-made. Every year on the 22nd July locals take rocks over and symbolically drop them at the the island, to remember the 100 years of stone transport to the area to create the island around the originally 2m x 2m rocks. This happened because two sailors discovered a painting of the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of sailors, on that rock in 1452. Since then a Roman Catholic church was also built, where sailors and captains left offerings to her.

Our Lady of the Rock


The weather was gorgeous today as well, around 20 degrees Celsius! After we returned from the cruise we sat looking out across the bay, dipping our feet in the sea- THE WATER IS STILL SO BLUE.


The area we’ve been exploring

We climbed up one of the surrounding mountains because of another hostel recommendation for walking trails. It was a long, many stepped and turny pathed walk up but along the way we could see the whole of Kotor through the pine trees. Once we reached the top it was a stunning view down onto Tivat and the other side of the Bay of Kotor. The sun had broken through the clouds too. There was a creepy abandoned village and an old Austro-Hungarian fortress. Also, some intimidating wandering cows glared us into taking another route.


Croatia tomorrow! We should be sharing a taxi with a couple of Germans from our current hostel as its roughly the same as the bus.



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