27th March: Croatia!

I’m back in the EU! And now operating on Croatian Kuna I might add (it’s so confusing, do I convert to euros, pounds? IDEK). The guys at the Old Town Hostel in Kotor organised us a taxi to Dubrovnik for roughly the same price as the bus but with a later start than 8.30am. We shared with two German students who were heading onto Sarajevo and between us managed to get lost in probably one of the simplest cities we have visited. When we finally located the Old Town we realised the hostel was literally right around the corner from the Pile Gate main entrance to it.


So, the town where Kings Landing is filmed for ‘Game of Thrones’. Does it feel like I’ve stepped back into Westeros? Frankly, no. For a start it’s been gently raining since around 1pm and for a second there are just so many tourists here. It’s a shock walking past so many Brits and Americans, I’m just not used to being able to understand conversations! As to activities-so far we have managed to find a chip shop within five minutes of entering the city and consumed two ice creams each…but they had blueberry flavour!


We wandered around the old town for a couple of hours, doing general tourist things (buying postcards, smelly soaps for relatives, etc.). After all the stairs in Kotor we were slightly concerned for our calves, but we climbed up a few of the streets. We may even attempt the walls tomorrow!


I love that there’s just orange trees growing here and there, despite the grey skies it feels so tropical. Even though we have only been here a few hours I know I want to come back in the summer and experience the high season!



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