28th March: That it Should Come to This!

The title of this blogpost is partially in reference to the sheer number of ice creams/ sorbets we have consumed in the last two days and partially to do with a Shakespeare exhibition we came across in the Cultural History museum. Hamlet, act 1 scene 2 for anyone interested. 


After a morning coffee drank out of a glass (the hostel here has no mugs, which is very bizarre), we did the walk around the city walls that our hostel recommended. Definitely worth taking a student card as I managed to get 70% off adult ticket price. It was worth every Kuna though, as the two hour walk provided picturesque views out to sea and Lokrum Island, into the little harbour and most importantly across the red tinged roofs of Dubrovnik Old Town. A lot of steps though and supposedly extremely busy in the summer. 


To accompany ice cream #1 of the day we walked around the harbour and around the outside of the walls. There was a mad Croatian guy swimming in the sea, I say mad because he came out bright red and unable to move properly despite wearing a wetsuit! I don’t think it’s quite the weather for swimming yet, but we are back here in April so you never know…. 


Just before ice cream #2 we decided to wander around the Rector’s Palace/ Cultural History museum. The ticket there gives us free entry for a week to all the other museums in the area. Call me a history nerd, but that’s exciting! The palace contained a lot of exhibits on Dubrovnik as the free state Republic of Ragusa from the 7th century up to the French occupation of 1806, as well as striking photography of the Serbian/Montenegrin attacks on the city in the winter of 1991. I found some of the notable figures of Dubrovnik exceptionally interesting, especially Rudjer Boskovic who was a physicist, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat and poet in the 18th century, whose contributions to astronomy resulted in a lunar crater being named after him. Some people are just good at everything, aren’t they?! 


After a wander and a cappuccino at the cafe bar Kaše, we found a little place called Oliva Pizzeria which served vegan Marinara pizzas. Needless to say my travel companion was satisfied! The budget is looking slightly unhealthy at the minute so the countless ice creams and pizza slices may have to stop soon. Not sure how I feel about that!



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