29th March: Times They Are A Changing

The clocks changed forwards today, which caused endless confusion. We were sat eating cereal, thinking we had a good hour at least before our bus only to suddenly panic, ‘damn is it actually 10.30?’ After several minutes frantic rushing around we realised our phones were more intelligent than us and had automatically changed.  


Split was the goal today. Unfortunately to do this meant sitting on a bus for four and a half hours during one of the hottest days of our trip so far. The Croatian coast is beautiful though. I know this because I sat on a bus for four and a half hours in sunglasses thinking how nice it would be to go for a dip.  


By the time we arrived in Split it was gone 3pm. In the bus station we actually met the French guy with the guitar from Budva/Kotor on his way to Sarajevo!  We climbed to the top of the hill in the national park and were rewarded with a stunning view of the whole city, especially the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace. The one thing I’ve noticed is how many dogs there are here! The whole of our trip so far there has just been cats everywhere, but here everyone is trailing a dog. We went for a wander around the coast and even stopped for a paddle-the water was freezing! Maybe when we head back to Dubrovnik I’ll be able to report a swim but it’s not looking good. 


Split seems like an alive city. From what we’d heard from other travellers in Kotor there wasn’t much to do here as its only March, but everywhere there were people sitting in the sun drinking coffee and countless shops and restaurants in Diocletian’s Palace which I hope we have time to explore better in the day. Hopefully it’s as warm tomorrow, as it almost felt like summer, one of my favourite times of year as it fills my soul with adventure! 


Side Note: these are literally the best fries/chips/frites I have ever tasted. The chain is called ‘Surf N Fries’ and we turned down tofu salads for this little slice of unhealthiest we first tried in Dubrovnik. I got mine with Mediteranean dressing, which involved olives, cheese and tomatoes of some sort because, you know, you have to try local cuisine. 



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