30th March: Splitska

There was a good little fruit market just down the road from our hostel this morning. Talking to one of the stall holders we managed to get a discount on some grapes, strawberries and kumquats (which I have never tried before but are weirdly good). We also picked up some apples and a pineapple so that we could make a fruit salad to go with our morning coffee and vanilla soya milk. All very healthy, to make up for the chips last night. 

The statue was actually human size, I’m just freakishly short.

We went for a wander through the Palace but this time by day and came across a statue by the Golden Gate. If you rub the statue’s toe it is believed to bring you good luck, so fingers crossed! We then found the city museum and tried to learn about Split’s history, but to be honest it’s a complicated mass of Italian/Austrian/autonomous/Yugoslavian rule that I just can’t get my head around. I got to practice my Italian though (nothing like a bit of revision) by reading the information in the Italian translation then checking it against the English. 


Spent what felt like a couple of hours sat on the marina watching the ferries dock before walking along to the end of the harbour, trying to find a way up to the beaches in the national park. Got called cute for not being able to touch the floor when sat properly on the curvy bench things-I swear she’s an inch taller than me, it’s so unfair! 


Finally managed to locate an entrance to the national park and walked around the top and down towards a sign that we took to mean beach. Instead, we found a cycle path and a swimming area. Everyone in Split is always jogging or rollerblading or doing some form of exercise and here I am eating ice cream like there’s no tomorrow. I’m going to be so healthy when I get home I swear. 


After cooking spaghetti for dinner we were going to go out to locate a bar or something but instead decided to have a movie night and eat vegan chocolate in bed instead. Hey, I didn’t claim this was going to be a party trip!



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