31st March: Bosnia & Herzegovina

For our last morning in Split we thought we’d make the most of the warm weather in a slightly different way to our usual ice cream and sitting by the sea way. Instead we hired a couple of bikes for an hour and a half and cycled around the national park. It was lovely to just cycle with no particular goal in mind. We found one of the park’s beaches too and went for a paddle. The water was beautifully clear!  

the lesser known ‘action shot’

 Our bus wasn’t until 4pm so after a brief souvenir shop we set off for our next destination, a slight detour into neighbouring Bosnia & Herzegovina to visit Mostar. We weren’t originally planning on this, but we met so many people in Kotor that recommended a visit and we managed to get beds in a hostel that’s famed for its war tours. They picked us up from the bus station after a four hour journey and border controls (another passport stamp) and we met Stefan, the crazy German receptionist who also lives in the hostel. He’s definitely a character! 


Although by this point it must have been at least 10pm we went out in search of food. Two guys from the hostel directed us to the Restaurant Sadrvan, where we could find cheap vegetarian dishes just across the famed bridge. A great photo opportunity, it’s definitely worth seeing by night. A pound is equivalent to around 2.6 of the ‘convertible marka’ that they use as currency here so my meal and a local beer was 11 KM which was about £5. It was good too-pirjan, which was rice and mushrooms with butter, salt and parsley. 


Fingers crossed for a war tour tomorrow!



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