2nd April: Return to Dubrovnik

Back in Dubrovnik today! We’re on the home straight now, I don’t want to go home. Only a couple of days left though so may as well enjoy them! 

Our bus from Mostar wasn’t until 10.15am so whilst Vashti strolled over to the market place around the famous bridge to spend her remaining Convertible Markas I sat and drank green tea with the ‘garden boy’ (his chosen title) hostel worker Stefan and one of the French ladies I’d been on the war tour with yesterday. She made our dinner last night too and was generally very lovely. 


It was a 3 hour trip to Dubrovnik in the sunshine yet again, I mean really how are all our travel days the sunniest ones!? We had to cross the Bosnian/Croatian border like three times because for some reason the Dubrovnik part of Croatia is not attached to the other part of Croatia and we couldn’t go directly to that part but instead had to follow a certain road. I don’t know! 


Once we arrived we went back to the hostel we stayed in before and asked Neno, the owner, if we could stay an extra night instead of going to Cetinje. There doesn’t seem much to do there so we may as well just stay in Dubrovnik and eat loads of takeaways! We sat in the sun for most of the afternoon reading by the sea as we had missed the last boat to the island of Lokrum, so we may go tomorrow instead. Then, when we returned to our hostel we met a German speaking Romanian girl who invited us to chill with a couple of other Germans she’d met that day. All in all it was a nice evening and they got to practice their English on us and we got to practice our not being able to speak a word of German on them. That’s a lie, I have two phrases:

Ich bin eine eule – I am an owl

Schmetterling – butterfly

Both very useful things to know how to say, as I’m sure you can agree.



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