3rd April: Peacock Hunting

The title isn’t any kind of euphemism, I swear! We had a late start and after I picked up some granola, because I am a super healthy human being who does not exist on ice cream alone, we caught a boat across to Lokrum Island-the place with all the peacocks.  


More boat tripping! We went across around 12ish and stayed until the last boat back at 4pm. It was mostly a case of wandering from patch of sun to patch of sun, but there were some stunning views from the top of the fort of Dubrovnik’s old town and the rest of the island. The weather was stunning and everything, once again, was SO BLUE.  


On our return we sat in the harbour and read until the sun went down (I managed to burn one shoulder) and then went in search of food. Apparently it’s impossible to find any vegan pizza here so I ate at Pizzeria Castro whilst my awkward friend had salad, then we went back to Surf N Fries to grab her some chips. The people at the pizzeria gave me a free plum brandy shot, which was odd, but free booze is free booze. It tasted like syrup and tooth decay.

I’m not looking forward to the last full day of our trip to the Balkans tomorrow. It’s going to be so sad! Also, we have to take a five hour bus journey to get back to Podgorica and Montenegro.



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