4th April: Summary

So, it’s come to the last day of my travels around the Balkans type area. I just don’t want to go home! I have nothing against home, I just enjoy the lack of responsibility that comes with travelling and I’m really not looking forward to those history essays or the 7 hour bus journey from London to York that I have to face! 

We spent our last day wandering around Dubrovnik and filling up on ice cream before getting the five hour bus this evening back to Podgorica. No specific plans for the evening, just chilling and trying to pack away the breakables!

I’ve really enjoyed my travels. I have to admit I didn’t know much about Montenegro before I booked the flight but I’ve learnt so much while I’ve been here. It’s been fun travelling just the two of us, if sometimes stressful as neither of us wanted to make the decisions. The people have been very friendly, locals and fellow travellers, and the people you meet travelling at this time of year are the intrepid long term ones who have interesting stories and experiences to share. 

I’ve loved every minute of it and I would do it all again!



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