Term Three: A Fresh Start?

Adapting to the change in lifestyle.
Adapting to the change in lifestyle.

So, I’m back in York again and safely recovered from my travels. Third term starts today, with the threat of exams ever looming. I know as a history student I’m not exactly qualified to talk about workloads but I feel like we can all empathise with the rising panic. You’ve done GCSEs, you’ve done A levels, and you thought you’d never get through it. How hard are university exams going to be? I can’t pretend to know the answers, but here’s some common sense tips to keep the blood pressure low and the stress under control.


1. Get Organised

We shall start basic. Writing down everything you need to do and by when may sound like a daunting task but doing this will prevent the night before scrambles to complete that essay you forgot about. Hopefully. I also like to keep track of my spending, in the hope that this will keep me away from the dangerous zone of the overdraft.

Blog 13th April 2

2. Create a workspace you can focus in

I’m a messy person. I like to have a colourful, creative space to work in yet with its practical sides. I have house-mates that work best in bed and those that have 4000 revision posters tacked up around their room. Pick something that works for you.


3. Downtime

Whether its grabbing a latte with friends, wandering around your local historic town centre or just catching up on your favourite programme or book, its so important to have some space. Before university your home life and school life were separate places, now its all rolled into one and you need your space!

Blog 13th April 3

4. A Healthy Lifestyle

Put down that 3rd bag of monster munch! (Is this only applicable to me?) Eating your greens may be the latest fad on Instagram, but its also good for your mental health. Physical exercise aides memory and drinking plenty of water increases your brain’s reaction time. This is all quality guaranteed Google search science.


5. Sleep

Not going to be hard to preach the merits of sleep. All hail the nap!



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