So You Think You Want to Vote Labour?

If you didn’t see my last post featuring the Tories, – I am currently publishing a series of summaries of each party and their key points. This time is the turn of Labour and Mr Ed Miliband himself. Despite having a deputy called ‘Ed Balls’ (call me immature but that’s funny) and doubts of how Mr Miliband would fare in debates, Labour and the Tories are neck and neck at 34% in opinion polls at time of posting.

With the tagline ‘Britain only succeeds when working families succeed’ its easy to work out the target audience. Labour has pledged to provide increased funding for midwifery and to build 200,000 homes by 2020 for first time buyer, whilst also pledging to freeze energy bills until 2017. They also pledge to lower the voting age to 16 and force large companies to publish their gender pay gap. However, they’ve come under fire in the last few days for suggesting that Trident, the British nuclear submarine program, is a target for cuts in the future, due to the topic being too touchy to bring up at the moment. Also, they have only guaranteed the NHS £2.5 billion, as opposed to the required £8bn.

How will this affect me?: Well first things first, its good news for those studying midwifery! And people paying energy bills-no shock increases for the next couple of years. They also want to scrap exploitative 0 hour contracts and reduce tuition fees to £6,000. These are all good cost savers for the here and now, but what future debt will this leave us with? Labour is generally known to spend to stimulate economy, which if it works is good, but does nothing to pay of the national debt, a debt that we as the next generation will probably be paying for.

For any other info, check out the Labour Party’s manifesto here:



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