So You Think You Want to Vote Green?

The final party in my election piece, the Green Party headed by Natalie Bennett is said to be the most likely party for students to turn to. Having been given very little attention in the last election, the sudden media attention of Nigel Farage has drawn more attention to this party, as people realised they already had MPs in parliament when UKIP didn’t.

In terms of the economy the Greens aim to increase public spending to half of the national income, something I don’t think anyone has ever proposed before. To make up the effects of this they want to introduce a wealth tax and crack-down on tax avoidance. The party also pledges to end energy poverty by insulating millions of homes across the country and introducing an increase in renewable energy through solar panels on all public building and other such things. All of seems like a nice idea, if kind of very far-fetched.

How will this affect me?: MONEY. Yes, the Greens want bring in a minimum wage of £10 and to scrap tuition fees, whilst also investing an extra £1.5bn in further education. Lots of spending on the NHS too, with an investment of £12bn and free social care to the end of life. All of this will apparently be funded by increased taxes on tobacco and alcohol….something that won’t be popular. Also, the economic plan is most likely to leave our generation footing the bill once again due to lack of attention to the national debt.

For my latest post on UKIP:

For more info and the Green Party manifesto:

Well I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted and confused. If you want to try and understand who you lean towards better take this quick quiz. And if you want to give up and vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party, check out their proposals here.

Happy voting!



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