So You Think You Want to Vote UKIP?

OK, here comes the tough one. UKIP, the infamous immigration party, has been encroaching on typically Conservative territory over the last year, which has now placed them third in the election polls at time of posting. Nigel Farage may be frog-looking, but from some of his policies you can see why the Party appeals to some:

First things first, we gotta get out of the EU yet continue to trade within it. I don’t know how this would go down with Angie (Angela Merkel, German Chancellor), but I’m thinking not good. They’ve also pledged a ‘tax revolution’, which includes the abolition of Inheritance tax, no income tax on those earning below £13,000 per year and increasing the 40% income tax threshold. UKIP seems to be the party for the military supporters too, with proposals for a designated military hospital, certain tax breaks for veterans and increasing military spending. However, I’m more than a little bit worried about how they propose to fund all of these proposals.

How will this affect me?: In broad speaking terms its not looking good for the EU students. Your tuition fees will be increased to the level of the international students I’m afraid. Also for those doing a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA), there’s talk of scrapping tuition fees for pre-approved important science degrees, something that considering most of our fees goes into funding theirs seems a tad unfair. Plus UKIP believes civil partnerships should be enough for gay people and that we don’t need a department of Culture, Media and Sport. But, there will be more jobs in the Border Service and we will be able to smoke in pubs, so really you have to weigh the good against the bad.

For my previous post on the Lib Dems:

For more info and the UKIP manifesto:



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