Roses Are White

So this weekend its Roses. For those of you who don’t know (which to be honest is probably most of you), Roses is the sporting event of the year in terms of the University of York from what I can tell. For the past 50 years York and Lancaster universities have been competing in some form of tribute to the War of the Roses, something that has created bitter rivalry on YikYak today.

Look Lancaster, we can paint grass!



The War of the Roses was basically a very messy complicated part of English history between the Houses of Lancaster and York. Its hard to explain, I’m not even sure that I understand, but it all revolves around fighting to be the king of England. Its kind of a big deal. All you need to know is that Lancaster is red and York is white.


rugbysumo wrestling


Anyway, there are about 1000 Lancaster students around at the moment playing sports and stuff. The university had a boxing match to open the weekend of events and lots of stalls and outside bars and stuff which I sampled yesterday, as well as most of the sporting matches being held on the ’22 Acres’ field that is basically outside my front door. I know people on the men’s first teams for rugby and cricket so sauntered along in my hungover state to watch for a bit. The rugby did not go well for York.


At the end of the day, I’m not a sporty person. I enjoy the whole team spirit hype as much as the next person, but in the end its all a great excuse to drink in the sun.

Check out the rivalry here



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