The Art of Tea

I think that everyone can agree that tea drinking is an important part of life. Tea is great to drink whilst reading for a seminar, with biscuits and a chat, whilst watching a movie, at 1pm when coming in from work…the list goes on. I can’t profess to be an expert (I have a teaspoon of sugar in mine, blasphemy I know) but there are certain rights and wrongs to tea drinking. Here are some FAQs:

tea viking

Milk in first?

Step away from that mug! How could you? Milk is the very LAST thing to go in, after having removed the teabag. Unless of course you are drinking your tea from a pot and then its milk first. This is mainly tradition from when people would drink from delicate teacups, in an effort to prevent them cracking in the heat. Rule still applies to mugs for some reason.


My house-mate is ill, what should I do?

If you haven’t already taken them a cuppa then what are you playing at? Tea is always welcome, unless they have the flu and then its green tea to prevent dairy consumption.

tea 3

Tea Ettiquette?

Always check whether anyone present in the room wants tea. In the British, if tea is not required, the answer will be “I’m OK thanks.” If you make the mistake of not asking or only making for one other person without checking, this will cause bad blood which could be brought up in arguments for weeks. tea 2

What happens if I’m the only one in?

Then put the kettle on for when everyone else arrives! Honestly.


As you may be able to tell, tea is a sacred commodity in our house, one that brings the overall caffeine content up by several milligrams. If you have any other queries, please consult Doc Brown.



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