Parental House Calls

No mum, you can’t catch diseases from the kitchen.

Exam season can be pretty stressful. Something that can really alleviate the tension is a visit from the parents. I hadn’t seen my mother since before my travels to the Balkans, so there was a lot to catch up on, as well as a potentially free trip around York.

ASKThursday: First thing’s first, after a long train ride from Devon a woman has to eat. After wandering through town for around an hour trying to decide on somewhere to eat (not too spicy), we settled upon ASK Italian, where I had fettuccine con melanzane (aubergine with tagliatelle) and profiteroles, washed down with several gin and tonics. The night was still young so we headed to Evil Eye for a few cocktails – we sampled the ‘Pirates passion’ and ‘the Dick Turpin’.

st marys abbey


Friday: With the uncharacteristic rain holding off for a few hours, I decided to take her on a small tour of York. We started with Museum Park and St Mary’s Abbey, then around the city walls and the Minster. We finished at Clifford’s Tower, with time to spare for a late lunch before my seminar. Why exactly York needs tour buses I will never know.

Left: An interesting tea set at a river-side restaurant, Right: A Zara trenchcoat gift I’d had my eye on.



The queue for the infamous Betty’s tearoom was too large for mother so we instead stopped at a little deli cafe called Lucky Days in the York Shambles. I had rose lemonade and a delicious plate of just ALL THE SALAD and a stuffed aubergine. I would recommend, the sheer amount of food meant I couldn’t eat one of their cakes, which looked really tasty!

lucky days



So there it is, the other side of York. The nice side I rarely get to experience. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. Oh, and before I go, no review of York would be complete without the geese.

– M


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