A Homage to Italia

May time blues have hit. I’m in the middle of exams, reading about the Crusades, and just keep finding myself staring out of the window (or skylight in my case). One thing leads to another and next thing I know I’m checking prices on Skyscanner.


This time last year I was finished with exams and busy preparing for my first big trip; inter-railing around Europe for 5 weeks with college friends. By far my favourite country had to be Italy! I wish I could go again, to soak up the culture and keep up my Italian…

Firenze: Florence was by far my favourite destination, I would visit this cathedral every day. ITS SO PRETTY. I would go back for the live Italian music playing on Ponte Vecchio, and the kiwi gelato. I’d like to see our landlady again to, she was the classic stereotype of an Italian grandmother- always fussing over us!

Napoli: An under-rated gem, Naples is a tad rough around the edges but people were on the whole very friendly to us! I would visit Pompeii, to finally climb Versuvius, and Sorrento, for the natural sea swimming spot-I bagni della Regina giovanna, which is in the picture above. All the locals motored up the cliff to it on mopeds, everything you can imagine of Italy and more!

 Venezia: So busy! Everywhere you turn in Venice you come across either a canal or a crowd. I can imagine spending days wandering around, never quite locating what I was searching for but constantly feeling as though I was on one giant boat.

Roma: No trip would be complete without a visit to Rome. The city of beautiful ceilings, road rage and various fountains – I could be sitting outside a cafe, watching people pass, whilst drinking a cappuccino. But only if I hadn’t had lunch beforehand. My old Italian teacher wouldn’t approve of such flouting of Italian etiquette.
But unfortunately I’m not. I’m sat facing a 48 hour exam at this present moment, procrastinating for all that I’m worth.



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