The Close of Year One

With the end of the university year upon us, the required summer dress-up event had to occur. At York this means the summer ball, an evening of merriment and funfair rides at York racecourse.   

What to wear?

As this is a classy occasion I decided to go full summer with a play suit from Missguided and tan heeled boots from New Look. My esteemed neighbour and make-up artist got my face sorted for me so that I could be photo ready. Couple this with mint green nail polish and a glass of fake Pimms (Jeeves, £5 from Morrisons) and I felt ready to go. 

What to drink?

Pimms obviously. Or, if you’re a cheapskate-Jeeves, with lemonade, mint, cucumber and tangerines. Gin and tonic would be ideal, but at the event the alcohol prices were terrible after the £1 willow shots, so I was forced to buy awful wine in a plastic bottle.

What to do?

With free fairground rides came queues that were at least half an hour long. Instead we located an unoccupied shisha tent and wasted an hour there whilst eying up the food vans. Later on the good performances started and we danced the night away. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the 4am photo, but I had a great night, dressed up with my friends before they left for the summer!



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