Yorkshire Adventures I


Being naturally inclined towards the seaside and the fresh air (and perhaps a chip or two), when one of my classmates suggested a trip to one of the famed beaches of North Yorkshire I couldn’t resist. But I had to do the day trip on a budget….the finances aren’t going well.

Train Ticket: £11 day return with a railcard

Scarborough north beach

First things first, Scarborough is very..pleasure beachy. I’m not kidding there were donkeys and everything. The donkeys looked sad. Whilst the seagulls swarmed overhead we found a place for proper chips. I stand by my judgment that the chips in York are not proper chips – takeaway chips need to be thick and kind of greasy, whilst being weirdly crispy at the same time, not this thin crap.

Chips: £2.60

Rainbow beachhuts

Walking around the coast, we came across the north beach where it was slightly less touristy. There were rock pools, dogs running around and these gorgeous rainbow beach huts along the water front. I tried something called a Screwball – apparently it’s a big thing I completely missed. It’s this Whippy ice cream in a plastic cone with a gum ball in the bottom. Then it’s gets covered in bubblegum flavoured syrup. The whole thing tasted like diabetes in a snack.

Screwball: £1.60

To burn off all the sugar the group of us walked up to Scarborough Castle and then down through the town to Anne Brontë’s grave. She was the least famous Brontë sister, after Charlotte and Emily. She wrote poetry and is considered by some to be one of the first feminist authors, but her work was blocked from being republished by her sister Charlotte after her death at age 29.

Souvenirs: 90p

Modern day Jack & Rose scene

Before the end of the day I had to pop into a nik-nak shop for postcards for the parents and a stick of rock. Because, let’s be honest, no cheesy trip to the seaside is complete without rock.

Total Trip Cost: £16.10

Until the next adventure,



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