Bucket List: 25 Things to Do Before I’m 25

I’m 20 this year. It’s a scary number, basically proper grown-up age, but I’ve got a couple of months to prepare myself. Anyway, I’ve only been at home for a couple of days and since I’ve been talking to family members and old friends I’ve decided that now might be a good time to comprise a list of things I want to achieve before I’m 25. More specifically, 25 things. In no particular order:

  1.  Learn to drive.
  2. Graduate from university.
  3. Complete an intern-ship in a field I enjoy (broadcasting for me).
  4. Tour South America.
  5. Learn to surf (being from the West Country I feel like it’s something I have to do).
  6. Work overseas for a while.
  7. Return to Barcelona in the Summer.
  8. Watch all the Disney films again.
  9. Visit some of my relatives in South Africa.
  10. Rent my own flat.
  11. Take a trip to Russia (I know its a scary place, but I’m fascinated).
  12. Start on a career path.
  13. Own my own pet.
  14. Begin a start-up business.
  15. Learn a new language (possibly Russian).
  16. Travel across East Asia on a moped.
  17. Start up my own bar (in my house obviously).
  18. Live in London.
  19. Get into painting and drawing again.
  20. Read all of the Agatha Christie novels.
  21. Visit Norway.
  22. Save up for a proper camera (I’m talking different lenses and so on).
  23. Write something. Anything. A play, a short story, a book. Anything at all.
  24. Meet Adrian Edmondson.
  25. Find a sport I’m passionate about.

I shall keep you updated upon how it goes!



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