All of the Bills

It’s coming up to second year, you need to move into your first independent house without those friendly/grumpy porters to look after you. Did you have any idea how many things you had to pay for?!


No. Breathe. Have a cup of tea.

Bills aren’t a big deal. You just need to know what you’re looking for. If you want the plain and simple method, a friend of mine was recommended the app ‘Glide‘ by her estate agent, which will deal with all these things for you and just send you a monthly bill. However, after shopping around a bit I found you could get all of the bills for a much cheaper price than the app quoted me.

Energy all the way for this one. Remember to look for a fixed rate contract that remains fixed for the duration of the time span that you’re looking for so that there’s no surprise price hikes.


It depends whether you’re comfortable with breaking the law or not on this one. If you want to save the BBC from scary Tory cuts then I’d say pay your license fee. We found that between the seven of us the £145.50 up front cost didn’t end up as being that much each.


I found the price comparison sites slightly confusing on this one. So instead I went to the main sites directly: BT, Sky, Plusnet and TalkTalk. Plusnet and TalkTalk only did 18 month contracts so I focused on Sky and BT. Ideally for students I would recommend looking at unlimited super-fast fibre optic internet, as lets be honest, you’ll be on the internet for most of your waking day.


First, find out if you’re on a meter or not. If you’re not then you only have to pay a set cost. This means you can pay it all in one lump sum at the beginning of the year and not have to worry about it again. You can work out by which zone of the country you live in, which company you have to pay (I’m with Yorkshire Water). From there, contact your supplier and work thinks out with them.

I hope this gives you some peace of mind.



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