Moving On

The day is finally here! I’ve moved into my very own first home. True, I am sharing it with six other people, but still. It’s exciting.

I’ve done all the normal things: had serious discussions with the landlord about where mysterious things such as stopcocks are, run up and down the garden several times, sat around wondering what people did before the internet for amusement and lived off nothing more than 1 loaf of bread for 3 days. And now I’ve got to thinking ‘how  can I make this place feel like it’s mine?’

Printed Cushion – Primark £5 // Studio Mucci Banner – Urban Outfitters £35 // Arrow Lamp – Urban Outfitters £60 // Oriental Style Teapot – £23 // Duvet Cover – H&M £14.99


I like to keep my room and my life organised. For me a noticeboard is an essential, and is perfect for finding something a little more inspired than a square board, something like this map-shaped design.


Keeping It Quirky

I really love something quirky, especially animal designs. I spotted this Trinket Holder on the Urban  Outfitters website a few weeks ago and haven’t managed to get it out of my head. Urban Outfitters is great for this sort of thing, I also have my eye on some of their jewellery boxes and fairy lights.


Cheap and Cheerful

Primark is home to some great finds. This Tealight holder is one example. On my recent visit to Leeds I also found some cool mugs and a wealth of picture frames, which would be ideal for me with the photography I’ve been doing recently. See some of my recent efforts here.

I’d better get saving!



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