Summer Blues

It’s getting to that time of year where I start to feel a bit down-hearted. The weather is foul (this is England), it’s the last day of Summertime and there seems to be nothing to look forward to until Christmas. However, you can always cheer yourself up with an impromptu holiday! Everyone loves holidays. Especially me. I don’t have a spending problem.

But how would you go about holidaying cheaply? I don’t know about you, but as a poor lowly student any money reserves are usually completely wiped out by the end of the summer. It’s expensive running all over the country to see friends and family.

It’s simple – shop around. There are so many cheap alternatives. Say, for example, I want to book a holiday for 3 people for the 9th-12th December. Everyone longs for a bit of winter sun, why not book a holiday for then. Failing to decide where I want to go, I’ll use Barcelona and Amsterdam as examples.

image1 (7)


Ever since a friend of mine introduced this app its been a life saver for me! Just type in the dates and wait for the app to do all the work!

Barcelona: £50.98 (per person return)

Flights from London Stansted to Barcelona with Ryanair

Amsterdam: £51.32 (per person return)

Flights from London Stansted to Amsterdam with Easyjet


Sometimes you have to be prepared to rough it! A lot of people have reservations about hostels but I honestly feel like they’re the best option for budget travellers. When looking, remember to order the search by price, whilst also taking into account the satisfaction rating and distance from city centre. I usually use, and


Barcelona: £5.09 (per person per night)

With such a small city wherever you stay its easy to get yourself around. This price is for an 8 bed dorm in Barcelo Hostel, with a 70% satisfaction rating 0.6 km from the city centre.

Amsterdam: £11.63 (per person per night)

Location is more important here, there are thousands of hostels in Amsterdam and its worth paying slightly more for a better rated hostel closer to the centre of town. This price is for an 18 bed dorm at Hostel Meeting Point, which is 0.4 km from the city centre.

I hope this provides some good inspiration for winter travel.



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