What is to be done?

A little diversion folks from the sunshine and  travel rainbows that this blog usually is. I want to talk about immigration, and more specifically the current refugee crisis in Europe. This won’t be a long post, there has been so much in the media that there’s no need to rehash it all here!

Thousands are being forced to leave the homes they have grown up in and make the dangerous journey, often walking hundreds of miles, to an area of peace and wealth such as Europe. No parent puts their children in a boat to cross a sea where many have died lightly. Some media sources and politicians have painted images of ‘swarms’ of people howling at the gates of Europe, yet the number of refugees who have entered Europe this year is equivalent to 0.027% of the European population, definitely not enough to cause this collapse of social order that some keep clamouring about. It should not take the image of a drowned little boy washed up on a beach to cause realisation of what this situation has become. Yet unfortunately it has.

What can we do? It may feel like you are a million miles away from the problem and powerless. But, there’s lots we can do. There are so many charities you can donate money to. There’s a teacher who has set up a library in Calais to help the migrants there develop their English who is open to book donations. There’s a march on Parliament on the 12th September. If you own a house you can even register your house as willing to take in asylum seekers as a temporary home. You could even, god forbid, email your local MP. For more information on what you can do click here.

People keep calling this crisis difficult – its not as simple as the common sense response to such a crisis. But why isn’t it? It’s all down to moral choice, we can turn our backs on these people claiming we don’t have enough money to help, that we should look after our own before anyone else. Yet at the end of the day we have had years to look after our homeless and what have we done? Put up anti-homeless spikes and encouraged people to turn away instead of giving money. Maybe taking in others who have no one else to care for their welfare will encourage an outreach, for all who are less fortunate than us.

We are blessed. Time to help those who are less so.



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