Fresher Realisations

By this point in time most people will be mid-way through their first term at university. Looking back on that first term as a ripe old second year, I remember realising a couple of things that I didn’t quite cotton onto in Freshers week. Here’s a little list for all you first years that I hope you understand!

  • You don’t need to go out every night. If you don’t go to that SU event it will not be the end of the world. Life will go on. Watch movies and sleep.
  • The spontaneous nights are the best ones. When everyone is just in that mood and the drinks start flowing-these nights will provide the most lasting stories!
  • Don’t panic about ‘friends for life’. Don’t worry about this, just relax and let the friendships form! To be fair, I didn’t travel far for mine (next door and across the hall) but it wasn’t a cert.
  • Sleeping with housemates is a bad idea. This isn’t something I’m saying from experience, but friends that did generally ended up in awkward situations or hurt.
  • Learn how to cook. For God’s sake. Learn how to cook. You cannot live off pizza for the rest of your life.
  • Curry before a night out is an awful idea. Don’t do it. If you vomit (which of course you never would) this will create awful multi-coloured sick.
  • Studying can wait. It’s first year, get out of the library. IT DOES NOT COUNT. So long as coursework is generally in on time and you don’t flunk you will be fine!
  • Get a job. I wouldn’t count this as a necessity. But, seeing so many of my friends now realising they need money, it makes so much more sense to work in first year so that you can lay off it a bit next year!
  • Call your parents. They miss you. Probably. Just pick up the phone. I’m not saying be that soppy git who’s constantly on Skype to mummy and daddy. Just think about them now and again!

I hope this is of some help. No one ever talks about how you are supposed to cope post-freshers, but I’m sure you’ll manage. You got this far!



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