Activity: Photography

Autumn of Activities #1

I did promise I would get out there. Fine, you forced my hand. I went out and started trying new things and having new experiences. Ew.

But seriously.

So, first things first, I started with Photosoc (photography society for you non-hip people). I thought, you know, I have a camera and I have been known to take photos now and again so how hard can it be?!

photosoc 3

photosoc 2

Turns out it’s not all point and shoot. Digital cameras have a lot of settings…

  1. Orientation day. This was an easy one actually – I turned up with a couple of friends and we got a whistle-stop tour of the dark room and studio. Definitely want to get into that dark room and learn how to use it. Film may be vintage but you still look like an evil genius mixing chemicals around.
  2. Disposable Camera Bar Crawl. Simple one this – drinking armed with a camera. I cheated marginally on this one actually, I was hopping between a History social and Photosoc. I got some great photos though – the History lot love to party! Just need to wait on the exposures.
  3. Light painting. So much fun! But a lot more difficult than first thought. For a start the shutter-speed button on a digital Fujifilm camera is extremely hard to find – second camera expert I asked worked it out. Photographing wire wool whirring around and waving torches in weird patterns was great fun!

light painting

Overall, Photosoc is great fun but a tad unorganised – it seems impossible to be firmly registered on its mailing list!




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